Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller Review

Installation & Usage:

When installing this fan controller in my casing (Cooler Master 690), for some odd reason the left screw holes weren’t aligning with the casing holes so I had to do a bit of old school modding. Apart from this little hiccup the installation was a breeze & a piece of advice, since the fan extension cables are not sleeved it is better that you attach them with controller before installing it in the casing otherwise it’ll be hard attaching them with the controller & they might jumble up.

Now let’s move on to how this fan controller works. When powered on, all the LEDs on the panel light up even if there is no fan attached (FAN 2) and if you move the knob all the way to the left, the LED will turn off (FAN 3 and 4) and of course the fan will stop working as well.

You can change the LED colors on this controller as well. It is actually very simple, pressing the eighth knob selects the channel and pressing the first knob changes its color, if you press the eighth knob two times than Channel 2 gets selected and so on. When you have selected a channel by pressing the eighth knob, that channel LED starts blinking. Working of this fan controller is straightforward; there is no rocket science involved.

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