Leaked slides reveal Haswell BGA chips, Ivy Bridge-E & Haswell refresh

A plethora of Intel’s desktop roadmap slides have leaked revealing a lot of information about upcoming products and their launch time-frames. To begin with, the slides reveal Intel’s plan about the fate of Haswell desktop BGA chips. They are planned to launched by the end of this year and they’ll be bear the Pentium and Celeron tags along with a few high-performance Core i7 and Core i5 models too. Furthermore, detailed specifications and launch time frame of Ivy Bridge-E HEDT parts have also been confirmed by these slides. Lastly, these also reveal the Haswell-refresh which we’ll see by the mid of 2014.

Haswell BGA Desktop parts:

Intel plans to launch their Haswell based BGA parts in Q3 2013. The first wave of BGA processors will include two entry level Intel Celeron SKUs, one entry level Intel Pentium SKU, two Core i5 SKUs and lastly, a high-performance Core i7-SKU. All the three entry level BGA chips will have only 10W of TDP. The Pentium J2850 is a quad-core chip with 2.4 GHz base frequency and 2MB of cache. The Celeron J1850 is also a quad-core chip but with a lower base clock of 2 GHz. And lastly, the Celeron J1750 is a dual-core chip with 2.4 GHz base clock.

Intel Haswell BGA Intel Haswell BGA

Both the Core i5 BGA chips, 4570R and 4670R, have quad-cores with 2.7 GHz and 3 GHz base clock respectively. Maximum single core turbo frequency is 3.2 GHz for Core i5-4570R and 3.7 GHz for Core i5-4670R. Both the chips have 4MB of cache and Intel Iris Pro HD 5200 series graphics. And lastly, the Core i7-4770R is a quad-core chip with HyperThreading. It has 3.2 GHz base clock and 3.9 GHz turbo clock along with same Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics as its younger brothers. Both the Core i5 chips and the Core i7 chip has TDP of 65W.

Intel Haswell desktop BGA chips (Q4 2013)
Base clockTurbo clockCores/ThreadsiGPUTDP
Core i7-4770R3.2 GHz3.9 GHz4/8Intel Iris Pro HD 520065W
Core i5-4670R3 GHz3.7 GHz4/4Intel Iris Pro HD 520065W
Core i5-4570R2.7 GHz3.2 GHz4/4Intel Iris Pro HD 520065W
Pentium J28502.4 GHzN/A4/4Intel HD Graphics10W
Celeron J18502 GHzN/A4/4Intel HD Graphics10W
Celeron J17502.4 GHzN/A2/2Intel HD Graphcis10W

Intel Ivy Bridge-E HEDT platform:

The aging Sandy Bridge-E LGA 2011 platform will also get a refresh in this quarter (Q3 2013). The new Ivy Bridge-E platform will also get three SKUs initially like its predecessor. The Core i7-4960X will be leading the pack with 6 cores and 12 threads. It’ll be clocked at 3.6 GHz with turbo of up to a full 4 GHz. It’ll have 15MB of cache and 130W TDP.  Below the flagship is the Core i7-4930K with 3.4 GHz base clock and 3.9 GHz turbo clock while the core count stays the same as its bigger brother however cache is reduced to 12 MB. Lastly, there is Core i7-4820K which is a quad-core chip with HT. Its clocked at 3.7 GHz with turbo of up to 3.9 GHz. It has 10MB of cache. All three chips have TDP of 130W and will come in LGA 2011 package. Intel might release a new chipset for these processors but current X79 chipset will support these chips just fine.

Intel Ivy Bridge-E (1) Intel Ivy Bridge-E

Intel Ivy Bridge-E desktop chips(Q3 2013)
Base clockTurbo clockCores/ThreadsCacheTDP
Core i7-4960K3.6 GHz4.0 GHz6/1215MB130W
Core i7-4930R3.4 GHz3.9 GHz6/1212MB130W
Core i7-4820K3.7 GHz3.9 GHz4/810MB130W

Intel Haswell refresh:

Lastly, the slides also reveal that the recently launched Intel Haswell platform will get a refresh in Q2 2014 from top to bottom. Every chip from entry level to the high-end ones will be replaced with the new ones. Since, Intel hasnt mentioned the Haswell refresh as 14nm Broadwell and some reports also suggested that Broadwell is pushed to 2015 so there is a good chance that we simply get some higher clocked Haswell parts as a refresh of the current ones.

Intel Haswell Refresh

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