Leaked image taken from Galaxy Note III confirms 13MP camera

About two and a half years ago when news broke of a stylus based phone with a 5.5-inch touch screen, it was almost taken as a bad joke. Styluses had been long extinct and phones had barely broken the 4-inch barrier. Two years later and the world eagerly awaits the Galaxy Note III, the series that started it all. No one knows how Samsung managed to pull it off, but the world is all the more exciting for it.


The current Galaxy Note II, albeit a power house is getting some what dated in the midst of phones like Galaxy S 4. The Galaxy Note III is the successor everyone is waiting for. So far there is precious little known about this phone and what Samsung intends to bring to the table. The leaked image above however does confirm the camera unit of the phablet somewhat. The image, which claims to be taken from a Galaxy Note III, is 13MP in size with a resolution of 2322 x 4128. The EXIF information shows F/2.2 aperture and 31mm lens. This is an identical unit to the one found in the Galaxy S 4. This is not a bad thing since Galaxy S 4 has been praised for its excellent image quality.

Of course even if the image is from an early prototype, there’s no confirmation that the end product will have the same camera. Galaxy Note III is rumoured to be unveiled around September or October this year. This gives Samsung plenty of time to change anything they want.

Source: Picasa


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