Leaked Lumia 830 picture shows off ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding

Yesterday a picture of the yet unannounced Lumia 830 was leaked. It showed the back of the phone, which wasn’t very clear. Lumia 830 is allegedly going to be a mid ranged phone slated for release later this year. It is the successor to the old Lumia 820. The picture we saw was rather blurry, which meant many details were smudged off. However today another picture showing the back of the phone has been leaked. Not only does it give us more information about the phone, but also about the possible future branding Microsoft will be using.

lumia 830

First things first. What you’re seeing above is by no means an official picture. So it is very much possible that we’re looking at an elaborate hoax of some kind. However if we assume that it is the real deal, then we can immediately spot the 13MP PureView camera. This is the first time a PureView camera of this megapixel count has been seen. We’re not sure if Microsoft/Nokia will throw in the gauntlet as far as imaging is concerned since this is a mid ranged phone. Also, the resemblance to the recently announced Lumia 930/Icon is also uncanny.

The most interesting thing in this picture is the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding. There have been reports coming out that Microsoft will continue to use the Nokia brand on Lumia phones. If the picture above is accurate, then it looks as if ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ is what we will be seeing. You have to wonder though, how would they fit such a large brand name on the front of the phone if there is ever a need for that? And if we’re being completely honest, Nokia by Microsoft looks and sounds downright silly.

Source: WMPoweruser


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