LG G3 Mini user manual and photos leaked

Everyone loves mini phones, right? Well someone does, because manufacturers just keep churning mini phones out one after another. Just a few weeks ago Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 Mini. Turn the clock back a bit further and we have HTC announcing the One Mini 2. Mini phones have suddenly burst into popularity because they provide a near flagship level user experience inside a much cheaper phone. Speaking of mini phones, a user manual and a bunch of pictures of the upcoming LG G3 Mini have surfaced.

LG G3 mini

Officially the LG G3 Mini will be called the G3 S. The leaked manual is of the Vodafone version of the phone with the model number the model number D772V. The user manual unfortunately does not reveal any information on the hardware details of the phone. Previously known information on the G3 Mini includes a 5-inch screen with 720p resolution, which isn’t ‘mini’ by any standards. The device is rumoured to be powered by a Snapdragon 400 chipset, 2GB RAM and an 8MP camera on the back. There will be 16GB internal memory as well.

LG G3 mini ii

The pictures shown here were leaked on the Chinese Tenaa certification authority website. From what we can see, the G3 Mini (or G3 S) will look pretty similar to the G3, which isn’t surprising because mini phones usually stick to the same design. Currently there is no information available on the price or availability of the phone though we expect it to launch globally, whenever that may be.

Source: GSMArena


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