Alleged LG G3 screenshots leak confirming the 2560×1440 resolution

The next big shift in smartphone industry will probably be the move towards 2560×1440 resolution (a.k.a. QHD, 2K) from the aging 1920×1080. Samsung was expected to lead the change with their Galaxy S5 but that obviously did not happen. Now there are two upcoming smartphones which are confirmed to have QHD display. First one is the Oppo Find 7 for which the phone maker has confirmed the presence of QHD display itself and second is the LG G3. There have been any ‘official’ confirmations about the presence of QHD display in LG’s next flagship but there are pretty credible reports confirming this.  These reports are now further confirmed by a leak from a Dutch blog. The leak contains two screenshots which seem to be from an LG phone and have 2560×1440 resolution.


The leaked screenshot shows the phone to be running Android KitKat along with LG’s custom skin. The second screenshot seem to show some kind of settings menu. Both the screenshots have 2560×1440 resolution (click them for full size). However, it can not be said if the screenshot are from a 5-inch device or bigger but it would be pretty crazy to have that many pixels in 5-inch screen size; that would result in a pixel density of 588 PPI. (Update [16-03-2013]: A new report suggests that screen size is 5.5-inch; resulting in 534 PPI)


A couple of days, the reputed @evleaks also leaked screenshot of some code which was from an LG phone codenamed D850 which would supposedly end in being LG G3. The code also confirmed the screen resolution to be 2560×1440. Anyway, nothing is set in stone right now and LG G3 is still probably a couple months away so we will still see a lot of leaks before something solid comes out.


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