Low end Tizen phone reportedly being tested in India

iOS and Android currently dominate the smartphone ecosystem. Windows Phone and BlackBerry are a distant third and fourth respectively. With the top two OS taking over 90% of the marketshare, you’d think there is no place left for third and fourth, let along fifth or sixth. Samsung thinks there is place for another OS. It’s called Tizen, and we’ve been hearing a lot of it recently. The Gear smartwatches launched this year by Samsung are all powered by Tizen, and the ones released last year are being updated to Tizen. When it comes to Tizen on the phone, Samsung has not had the luck they would have hoped for. But if there is one thing Samsung cannot be blamed for, it’s the lack of trying.


After failing to launch the Samsung Z in Russia, it looks as if the Korean giant is going to target the Indian market. Components for a Tizen powered smartphone have been shipped to India for testing. The device in question has the model number SM-Z130H, where Z denotes Tizen. The phone is reportedly going to be a very low end model, which is fine because according to Samsung Tizen can run on as little as 256MB RAM.

There is currently no information on when this phone will launch and in which markets will it be available. Tizen has a very rough history when it comes to this. The OS has experienced a botched launch twice this year already. Recently it was the Samsung Z which should have been available in Russia, but it isn’t. Earlier this year Samsung botched the launch of Tizen in Japan.

Releasing the phone in the low end market of India can be Samsung’s way of testing the operating system in shallow waters before throwing it off the deep end. But all this is moot if Samsung keeps messing with the launch.

Source: Sammobile


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