New Mac Pro comes with removeable CPU and RAM

Mac Pro

Apple’s products are always bashed for not being user upgradeable and this has held true for almost all the Apple products. With the recent launch of new Mac Pro, the discussion sparked once again as the radically different design of the Mac Pro is quite compact. And people believed that to put all the high-end hardware in such a small sized case, Apple must have compromised on the upgradability of the system however that’s not true. Other World Computing has torn apart the new Mac Pro and it surprisingly comes with socketed LGA2011 CPU and usual DDR3 memory slots.

Mac Pro

As the Mac Pro is targeted towards the professionals so upgradability is a major concern since pros always want the fastest and greatest hardware to coup up with their work. Luckily, the new Mac Pro is upgrade friendly. The Xeon E5 processor of the Mac Pro is installed on the standard LGA2011 socket on a standardized board with four DDR3 memory slots. Although Apple is also offering optional CPU upgrades but they cost quite a lot. On the other hand, having a socketed CPU opens up the possibility of upgrading the processor on your own once the prices go down for these CPUs. Similarly, RAM can also be upgraded.

Source: Other World Computing


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