MacBook Air with Retina Display reportedly delayed till 2015

2013 MacBook Air

There is little doubt about the MacBook Air from Apple being one of the best laptops money can buy. For nearly five years now Apple has consistently hit the home run when it comes to this particular laptop. With its incredibly sturdy, thin and light chassis coupled with a mesmerising 12 hour battery life, it’s no wonder that practically all other OEMs out there have at least once tried to copy the MacBook Air. But Apple cannot forever rely on the Air and eventually they will need to shake things up. The highly anticipated MacBook Air with Retina Display was reportedly going to be unveiled later this year. Unfortunately though according to reports it looks as if that may no longer be the case.

2013 MacBook Air

According to a report by The Inquirer, the MacBook Air with Retina Display has been delayed till 2015. The fault lies with Intel, who is having difficulties churning out enough Broadwell chipsets which will power the new laptop from Apple. The 14nm U series chipsets from Intel will not be shipping for use in the new MacBook till at least February 2015. Apple on the other hand had originally intended to launch the device this year, probably during the iPhone 6 event.

The MacBook Air with Retina Display is rumoured to come with a 12-inch screen. What will qualify it for the ‘Retina’ branding will be its 2340 x 1440 panel. The Broadwell chipset from Intel will boost energy efficiency, which will help with the cooling and battery life. Neither Apple nor Intel have commented so far on this report but if it in indeed true then we can imagine Apple being pretty disappointed. This would have been the first real change to the MacBook lineup since the first Air was released way back in 2008. Meanwhile over at Redmond we can imagine a few happy faces.

Source: The Inquirer


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