[Guide] How to turn on YouTube Video monetization in Pakistan?

YouTube, world’s largest video platform, has just enabled their monetization platform for Pakistani users. After this much awaited change, original video makers from Pakistan can now finally monetize their content and adopt this as a sustainable business.

Under YouTube’s monetization platform, ads display over videos and revenue is shared with the creators. Prior to this, creators from Pakistan were not allowed to monetize their videos. This is a welcome change considering YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for quite a while.

Steps to turn on YouTube Video monetization in Pakistan:

YouTube monetization is not turned on for everyone by default so we have listed the steps needed to turn it on.

  1. Login to your YouTube channel.
  2. Open this URL:
  3. Press the ‘Enable‘ button in the first card titled “Monetization“.
    YouTube Monetization Pakistan
  4. Press “Enable My Account” button.
    YouTube Monetization Pakistan
  5. A pop up will open showing you some terms and conditions, accept these by pressing the “I accept” button.
    YouTube Monetization Pakistan
  6. Another pop up will open, which will ask you to select the type of ads that you want to use. We would prefer selected the default options here and press the “Monetize” button.
    YouTube Monetization Pakistan
  7. Another pop up will show how many of your previous videos have been selected for monetization and how you can turn it on for individual videos. Press the “Got it” button here.
    YouTube Monetization Pakistan
  8. Monetization is now turned on for your YouTube account.

There is one thing to note that, these steps will only work for people who already have an Adsense account. If you don’t have an Adsense account, you can easily apply for one.

Another noteworthy thing is that YouTube only allows monetization of videos with original content. Any video having copied content will not be accepted for monetization. If you repeatedly try to monetize such videos, Google will end up banning your Adsense account hence disabling YouTube moentization altogether.


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