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An interactive map of all Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops in Pakistan

Pokemon GO Pakistan

Pokemon GO is what everyone is talking about these days and its one of the highest trending topics on social media. It’s been so successful that it was installed on about 5% of all the Android devices in USA only after a couple of days of launch. Despite being launched in only a couple of countries at the moment, people are playing it all over the world using some tricks and hacks. And obviously, Pakistan is also in this race.

A major part of the Pokemon GO gaming experience is Gyms, where you go to battle your Pokemons with others, and Pokestops, where you go to collect items such as eggs and Poke balls.

Pokemon GO Gyms and Pokestops in Pakistan:

Both Gyms and Pokestops are usually popular monuments and public places in each city and its sometime hard to find any near you especially in Pakistan, where the game is not officially released yet. So, thanks to Hassan Fajri and some other Pokemon players, we have a fully interactive map of all the Pokemon GO Gyms and Pokestops in Pakistan. The map is continuously being updated as new Gyms and Pokestops are being reported.

Here is a key about the map:
Gyms are Green Pins
Pokestops are Red Pins
Potential Pokestops are Blue Pin (These Pokestops are not confirmed yet)

If you find a Gym or Pokestop that is not in the map, please comment below to get it added. Furthermore, creators of the map have also made a group on Facebook for all the Pokemon GO players in Pakistan, you should join it to interact with other players.


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