Microsoft accidentally discloses Surface Mini tablet

When Microsoft sent out invites for a small gathering regarding the launch of a new tablet, it was widely believed to be the Surface Mini. After the success of the iPad Mini and a plethora of small Android tablets, it was almost expected from Microsoft to reveal a mini version of its stylish tablet. Instead what we saw was a tablet even bigger than the original Surface, aka Surface Pro 3. So what happened to this mythical Surface Mini? Does Microsoft have plans for it but chose not to announce it? Apparently that seems to be the case as the tablets gets accidentally mentioned several times in the user manual of none other than the Surface Pro 3.

surface mini

The picture above shows one of the several times the Surface Mini gets mentioned in the user manual of Surface Pro 3. There is no telling if this is just a typo, or whether someone was being careless with keeping the product under wraps. If we’re being completely honest here this looks very much like someone being careless. Surface Mini does exist, and Microsoft messed up big time here.

So now that we’ve established that Surface Mini does exist, that still leaves the little matter of it being officially announced. Unfortunately information about that is not yet available, and what the product will offer.

Source: WPCentral


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