Microsoft cancels upcoming Lumia McLaren with 3D gesture support

Nokia Lumia 1320

Satya Nadella is a man on a mission. A mission to transform Microsoft from a laborious company into a more proactive one. A company with laser guided focus and a company that knows its limitations and accepts that it’s not in a monopolistic position anymore. Yesterday Microsoft announced that it’s cutting its workforce by over 18,000. It also announced the cancellation of the Nokia X Android program as well as Xbox Originals. If you thought this is too much to take, then prepare for yet another high profile canning. A few weeks ago we reported that a phone (codenamed Lumia McLaren) is in the works with 3D gesture support. This plan too has fallen victim to the flurry of axing.

Nokia Lumia 1320

Lumia McLaren was suppose to be the first Windows Phone 8.1 device to support 3D gestures. Internally Microsoft called it ‘3D Touch’ or ‘Real Motion’. You can read all about what these gestures were intended for in our previous coverage of the device. Naturally Microsoft has not given any specific reason as to why they have cancelled the device. In fact the news has not been officially announced, probably because the device itself was never officially announced.

We can think of a few reasons behind this decision. Yesterday Stephen Elop fired (no pun intended) a lengthy email to Microsoft employees where he stressed the importance of low end Windows Phones for emerging markets. That is not to say that the company will not focus on the high end, but it looks as if it’s the low end that is taking priority over high end for the moment. Another reason could be that the required technology needed to get 3D Motion to work just isn’t there yet. However in this case the device would have been delayed. As of now it stands cancelled.

Hopefully Microsoft is still working on innovative features for its mobile platform. The APIs for 3D gestures on the Lumia McLaren are actually still in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, although they’re hidden from the general public. For now though you can go ahead and order that Windows Phone if you were waiting for the release of the Lumia McLaren.

Source: WPCentral


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