Microsoft offering MacBook Air customers $650 for a trade-in with Surface Pro 3

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 about a month ago. For three years the Redmond giant has been pitching its Surface lineup of tablets as an alternative to laptops. Where the first two iterations of the product were hardly good enough for anything more than casual tablet use, the Surface Pro 3 is by far the most ambitious attempt at replacing a conventional laptop. The jury is still out on whether Microsoft has succeeded in doing so. However the company isn’t waiting for verdicts. They want people to buy the Surface Pro 3, so much so that they’re offering MacBook Air customers as much as $650 for a trade-in.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 _1

Microsoft doesn’t give out any information other than that the MacBook should be able to be powered up. Water damaged and cracked screen devices are not eligible for this offer. There is no online option for this deal. You will need to take your MacBook Air to a physical Microsoft store, where you will receive $650 in credit which you can then use to purchase a Surface Pro 3.

Does $650 sound like a good deal for a recently released MacBook Air? If you purchase one last year, the minimum you would have paid for a 13-inch model was $1200. $650 hardly sounds like a good deal in that case. However if Microsoft can offer anything close to this for a much older, but working MacBook Air, then they may be able to woo in customers. Whether this offer will attract customers will be known in the near future when some sales figures show up.

Source: WPCentral


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