Microsoft Office 2013 License is Now Transferable to Other PCs

Microsoft is changing its policy and lifting the license transfer restriction from Microsoft Office 2013. At first, the company restricted Office 2013 license to just one PC regardless of any hardware upgrade by the user but since technology is advancing so fast, users are bound to change their hardware every now and then. So not being able to transfer their $100 Office 2013 license to other PCs frustrated the users thus resulting in heated comments on Microsoft’s Blog.


Microsoft is altering its retail license terms for Office 2013 desktop software allowing users to transfer it to any other PC. The decision is made truly on consumer feedback since consumers were not pleased at all by the previous terms and raised a lot of questions and demanded reversing the policy. Now, consumers can transfer the license after 90 days of activation to other PCs including PCs owned by someone else. Its a good decision taken by Microsoft since it could have affected Office 2013 sales.

Source: Microsoft Blog


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