Microsoft Office for Android phones now available

Love it or hate it but the Office suite of apps from Microsoft are the single most popular productivity apps in the world right now. This is primarily on desktop PCs where Office has long been the dominant software in its respective category. Naturally Microsoft wants to extend that dominance to mobile platforms. It’s own Windows Phone comes with Office preinstalled. Office for iOS was released a few months ago. And today Microsoft Office for Android too has been released.

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Like iOS, Office for Android too requires a Office 365 subscription to work. There is no standalone free version. Documents are all stored on SkyDrive and can be shared using the app. The recent documents tab lets you view documents already on the phone or the ones you viewed on your computer. You can create Word and Excel documents. You can view PowerPoint slideshows but it looks as if there is no functionality to create new .ppt files. The app is only available for Android smartphones. Microsoft says there is no plan to make one for tablets and suggests you use the web apps.

The app does not let you buy an Office 365 subscription. You need to have one in place in order to sign in. This is different from the iPhone where you can purchase it within the app.

Source: Google Play


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