Microsoft finally releases Office for iPhone

There are tons of document editing and creating tools available, many of which are free. But the kind of stranglehold Microsoft has created in this area through Office over the past decade or so is unquestionable. It is by far the most popular tool available for document creation and editing. Because of this the lack of any Office app on the iPhone has been somewhat of a sore point for the otherwise incredible ecosystem. That is no longer the case now. Microsoft has just released Office for iPhone.


So what does Office for iPhone offer? It has Word, PowerPoint and Excel support. You can create Word and Excel documents. For PowerPoint you only get the ability to edit existing documents, but not create  a new one. There are various different editing options available here, many of which are accessible through different shortcuts. The editing options are no where near as what’s offered on the desktop. The aim here is to offer a way to quickly perform basic editing on the go.


Office for iPhone has SkyDrive integration. Upon launch you can access folders from your SkyDrive account. All document changes and synced to the cloud and can be accessed from Office web apps and Office 2013. Office for iPhone is not free. While you can download the app without any cost, to access any feature you will need a Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft says they don’t have any plans to create an iPad version, where the app would actually be of far more use. The iPad users can however access the Office web apps. Office for iPhone is available in the App Store for US only for now. International availability will gradually be rolled out.

Source: iTunes


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