Microsoft Shows New SkyDrive Design; Brings New Features

Microsoft is now bringing their Metro (this name is now dropped) branding all their services to match their upcoming Windows 8. Recently, they unveiled Outlook which brings Metro styling to email and today they unveiled redesign of their cloud-based storage service; the SkyDrive. Its not just a visual redesign, Microsoft is also bringing several new features and improvements with it.

To begin with, the web-based service will get modern design, HTML sorting, instant search, thumbnail multi-select and drag-and-drop organization. This will bring a more desktop like experience to the website. Secondly, SkyDrive app for Windows desktop and OS X will also get some improvements like faster uploads, better syncing and faster working. These apps will roll out later this week.

Apart from that, Microsoft will also launch an Android app for SkyDrive. There isnt much info about it but it’ll probably look like SkyDrive Windows Phone and iOS apps. This app will obviously let users browse, upload and share files present in their SkyDrive. It’ll be available in a few weeks.

Source: Windows Team Blog


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