Microsoft Lists Windows RT Compatible Devices

Microsoft have recently launched the much awaited Microsoft Surface RT; their first Windows RT based tablet. While Surface RT users do not have access to as many applications as its competitors but it does compensate on it through the compatibility with 3rd party devices. Microsoft Surface RT comes with a full size USB port, a microSD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth. The USB port can be used for many purposes such as browsing and copying data from a USB Flash Drive or a Portable Hard Drive, but Microsoft have also mentioned that it can be used to connect to thousands of 3rd party devices. The list of all compatible devices is listed on Microsoft’s Compatibility Center. The site lists approximately 40,000 devices which are compatible with any Windows RT device having USB port, WiFi or Bluetooth like Surface RT. The devices are divided into several categories:

  • Storage Devices
  • Printers & Scanners
  • TV Devices
  • Display
  • Networking
  • MP3 & Media Players
  • Mice, Keybaords & Misc Devices
  • Cameras & Photos
  • Graphics & Components
  • Cameras & Photos

Since not every 3rd party device is compatible with Windows RT, Microsoft have also listed the devices which are not compatible or have limited functionality. Users can search the product by name and can also switch between Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows RT compatibility.

Source: Windows Compatability Center


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