Motorola gives a sneak peek of the Moto 360

Yesterday was a big day for Google. The I/O conference saw some really important and exciting announcements being made. A revamped Android L release, Google announcing new plans for the TV and a host of other product unveilings. But by far the most eagerly anticipated launch was that of Android Wear. Android Wear is a new platform by Google for the smartwatch. We saw Samsung and LG announce their respective watches. However the Moto 360 was surprisingly absent. No hard feelings for the other two, but everyone is interested in the Moto 360 for obvious reasons. Luckily Motorola realised that and decided to give a sneak peek.

The Moto 360 looks just as beautiful in real life as it did in the renders we have been seeing for the past few months. The stainless steel chassis, the leather strap and the gorgeous looking circular display makes this the best smartwatch today. Android Wear seems to run very well on the circular display. The interface has specially been updated to fit this display.

It’s a shame though that the Moto 360 did not go up for sale on the Play Store like the LG G Watch did. We didn’t even receive any information on the price or availability, except that it’s coming in the next few months. What we do know is that whenever Motorola does decide to release it, it will be well worth the wait.


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