MSI GTX 660 Ti HAWK 3-way SLI Pictured & Tested

Member of a Chinese forums got hold of three MSI GTX 660 Ti HAWK 3GB graphics card and pictured them in 3-way SLI. He also tested one of these cards with 3DMark 03 and 3DMark 11. MSI’s GTX 660 Ti HAWK is a custom designed card with 3GB of memory spread across 192-bit wide memory interface. It uses company’s latest Twin Frozr IV cooling solution. GPUz screen shot reveals the stock clocks of the cards to be 1020 MHz (core), 1098 MHz (boost) and 1502 MHz (memory). These cards were running with yet-to-be announced GeForce 304.87 drivers.

Single MSI GTX 660 Ti HAWK 3GB scored 2,862 marks with 3DMark 11 extreme preset and 18,731 in 3DMark 06. These results are very close to reference GeForce GTX 670.

Source: PCOnline


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