MSI Planning New Color Schemes for Z97 Gaming Motherboards

MSI recently introduced its complete line of Z97 chipset motherboards which includes the famous MPower series, Gaming Series and its budget oriented G series. The company retained its traditional color schemes for all three series but its all about to change if the leaked mockups are legit. Overclock3D just teased its readers with some interesting mockups of MSI’s Gaming series motherboards with a totally different color scheme.

MSI Z97 Gaming Series Colors _1

MSI Z97 Gaming Series Mockups

For now, two motherboards received a new color scheme according to the leaked images. The Z97 Gaming 7 has been transformed from red and black to green and black resembling the Gigabyte’s Sniper series motherboards. The new color scheme looks interesting and will appeal to a wider audience. It gives modders more options to play with while using the Military Class IV certified motherboard. The Z97 Gaming 7 color changes can be found on the RAM slots, PCIe slots and the PCH heatsink.

MSI Z97 Gaming Series Colors _2

The interesting bit is the color change of MSI’s Gaming logo found on the heatsink. The traditional red has turned in to an electrifying green that compliments the rest of the motherboard. Overall, the change looks good but lets see if the mockups are actually turned in to reality.

MSI Z97 Gaming Series Colors _3

The second image shows a mockup of Z97 gaming 5 motherboard with a white and black color scheme along with some ascents of red. The claws on the VRM heatsink, PCIe slots and the borders of the PCH heatsink have been painted white while the Gaming logo is still in its original color. The credibility of these images can be questioned but never the less they do look good and if MSI didn’t plan on doing something like this, it should really give this some thought.

Source: Overclock3D


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