MSI reveals X99 SLI Plus; its first all black motherboard

MSI has also step on the all black band wagon of color scheme following ASUS. The X99 SLI Plus does not come with the traditional red and black or blue and black colors instead it follows the trend of ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition. The motherboard is designed to be used with the upcoming LGA 2011-3 socketed Haswell-E HEDT processors and supports DDR4 memory. It features Intel’s latest X99 chipset and the usual MSI exclusive features such as Military Class IV/V components.

MSI X99 SLI Plus _1

MSI’s all-black X99 SLI Plus Motherboard

MSI did not reveal any specifications of the motherboard but judging from the picture we can predict the obvious. Similar to X79 motherboards design, X99 SLI Plus features an identical format with LGA 2011-3 socket in the middle and four memory slots on each side. It supports DDR4 memory up to 128 GB capacity with 2133 MHz+ speeds. The X99 chipset is cooled by a rather large heatsink with a grey and black color scheme.

The X99 SLI Plus features 4 PCIe slots out of which 3 are presumed to be PCIe 3.0. It also features two PCIe x1 slots for RAID/Sound cards or PCIe SSDs. There are a total of eight SATA 6 GB/s ports and one SATA Express port for storage along with USB 3.0 ports. Other specifications include several fan connectors, 8-pin EPS connector and USB 2.0 connectors. Surprisingly, we do not see MSI’s Audio Boost technology embedded in the motherboard.

The all black scheme is even reflected on the motherboard’s packaging with slight shades of grey only in text. The motherbaord will debut next month and it will support Intel Core i7-5800/5900 CPUs. DDR4 memory has already started listing for pre-orders so its the right time to start saving money if you plan on moving to Haswell-E platform.

Source: MSI Facebook


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