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National Assembly finally passes the Cyber Crime Bill

Cyber Crime Bill

Pakistan’s National Assembly has just passed the Electronic Crimes Bill (PECB) 2015, also simply known as Cyber Crime Bill, today. The bill was actually to be passed on Monday but it was delayed because the quorum was incomplete in NA. Senate of Pakistan passed the bill last month with a few amendments.

Minister of IT, Anusha Rehman Khan, presented the bill in Assembly which was opposed by PTI and PPP but the Government was easily able to get it passed. MQM lawmaker Faisal Raza Abidi said, “Youth will be the prime victim of the new law as it is not necessary that the public will have the knowhow about ethics and laws of social media.” PPP’s Nafisa Shah said, “The cybercrime bill is government’s oppressive instrument of surveillance of youth and civil society.”

Now that NA has passed the bill, President Mamoon Hussain will sign it and after that it will become a part of Pakistan’s constitution. The President is said to pass the bill before the day end today.

ProPakistani has a very informative video explaining the Cyber Crime bill along with the punishments:


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