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New things that Apple did not mention in WWDC 2016 keynote


Monday’s keynote at Apple WWDC 2016 was jam packed as always and Apple announced a bunch of new things like the iOS 10, watchOS 3, macOS Sierra, tvOS, Swift Playground and some other things however below are somethings that were actually keynote worthy but Apple did not mention these.

You can now delete stock apps on iOS 10

Yes, this is major. Almost all iPhone users have a absurdly-named folder in one of their homescreens which contains all the stock Apple maps which they never use like Stocks app, iBooks, Tips, Compass, Find Friends etc. Furthermore, sometimes we get 3rd party apps which replace some of the stock apps like Mail, Weather and such but Apple does not allow us to remove any of these apps. However, it would be possible with iOS 10. There are still some apps which are critical to phone’s functionality and can not be deleted like App Store, Camera, Activity, Wallet, Find iPhone, Health, Messages, Phone, Safari and Settings.

Game Center is gone

The Game Center app, that you never opened, is also gone in iOS 10. Not only it was useless but it was also causing crashes in some other games. Users can now manage friend requests in the Settings app.

Wake Alarm

Lately, there has been an influx of apps which track your sleep patterns and ring the alarm when you are very lightly asleep to increase your sleep quality. This functionality will come baked in the iOS 10 Alarm app. The new feature is called “Wake Alarm” – tell it how much you plan to sleep and about what time you want to wake up and it will track your sleep patterns and wake you up accordingly. It will also notify you every night once you are past your bed time.

Apple File System

This is one of the most interesting ones for developers. The new macOS Sierra will ship with a new file system which Apple is naming as Apple File System. Currently, all Apple devices use HFS+ file system which was introduced back in 1998. It was state-of-the-art back then but its nothing like that anymore. A major evidence of its age is that it can’t handle dates past 2040. So, a new file system was inevitable and developers have been asking for it for quite a while.

Apple File System (APFS) is “engineered with encryption as a primary feature” and it is designed to work best with SSDs and other flash storage devices. Some other features of the APFS include file sharing which let two partitions share the free space rather than having decided in advance, Snapshots which lets system make rapid read-only backups, cloning of files, which lets the system copy files simply by rewriting the location, but pointing to the same underlying data – something which should save both time and hard drive space.

APFS will debut with macOS Sierra later this year but it will eventually make its way to all Apple devices running iOS, tvOS and watchOS by 2017 and as a result, Apple devices will run faster, recover easily from crashes and will be difficult to hack.

Selective read receipts in iMessages

There are some people we want to avoid for as long as we can and for such people the iOS 10 iMessages will come with selective read receipts. You can turn off read receipts for a particular chat but going into the “Details” menu of that chat.

These are some of the interesting things we found that Apple missed from the WWDC 2016.


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