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Nexus users to get free unlimited Original Quality photo backup

Google Photos

Ever since its release in Summer 2015, the Google Photos app has been one of the top choices for photos backup and sorting among both Android and iOS users. Google gives a free option to backup all your photos however in this option, it sizes down the photos to 16MP and videos to 1080p. In addition to the resize, the photos are also compressed to save space. If you want to save the photos and videos in their original size, then your Google Drive storage is used and you have to pay for that. This option is called Original Quality Backup.

However, it seems Google Nexus users will get unlimited Original Quality Backup option in the near future. A recent teardown of the latest Google Photos APK by Android Police reveals Google’s plans. This is a very attractive feature if it ever sees the light of the day.

Currently, the Nexus 6P comes with a 12.3 MP camera which is the highest of any Nexus phone and this is lesser than the 16 MP size allowed in the free backup option of Google Photos. So one might thing that the unlimited original quality backup doesn’t make sense for the Nexus users but that’s not the case. Biggest advantage comes in the case of videos. Free backup option only allows 1080p video to be backed up however both the latest Nexus phones can shoot up to 4K video. Hence, with the original quality backup option, the videos will be backup in their original size.

One thing is not clear whether if Google will only admit the photos ‘taken’ with Nexus phones in the free original quality backup or any photos uploaded by a user who has a Nexus phone will be admitted. If later is the case, then buying a Nexus phone might become a very good investment for photographers and DSLR users as they will be able to backup unlimited number of their photos in original size and quality to Google Photos and also enjoy features of the service.


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