The Nexus phones aren’t going anywhere

A few months ago we heard about a rumour regarding an Android Silver program. Android Silver is or was suppose to be a new program by Google where they would get certain OEMs on board to sell phones running stock Android. Google would provide necessary assistance and set certain guidelines to ensure that all phones meet a certain criteria. That sounds a lot like the Nexus program which Google has had in place for nearly half a decade. With rumours about Android Silver growing stronger, there was speculation that the Nexus program would be axed. Fortunately though, that does not seem to be the case.

nexus 5

Dave Burke, the head of Android engineering has denied these rumours by stating that Google is very much invested in the Nexus program. He didn’t confirm nor deny the existence of Android Silver. But the silver lining is that the Nexus phones aren’t going anywhere, and for all intents and purposes we will be seeing a few of them later this year.

Nexus phones have gained somewhat of a cult following over the past few years. This is largely thanks to the severe lack of choices when it comes to phones running stock Android. Nexus phones are the only mainstream smartphones that provide such an option. Google would definitely want to keep it that way. Plus there is no telling how well received will the Android Silver program be by various different OEMs. For now you can sleep peacefully knowing that a new Nexus phone is definitely coming this year.

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