No more premium YouTube for Windows Phone as Microsoft reverts to a web app

The YouTube for Windows Phone fiasco started a few months ago when Google blocked Microsoft’s app from functioning. The story back then was that Microsoft had allegedly broken some terms of agreement such as allowing downloading of videos and disabling ads. Then a new app was submitted to the store, and blocked again by Google. It was reported then that Microsoft and Google would work together to build a new app that complies with YouTube’s terms and services. The fruit of that collaboration has been released today, in a form of an utterly useless web app that brings back the days of Windows Phone 7 in 2010.

windows phone youtube

Clearly whatever Microsoft and Google were working on didn’t pan out the way Microsoft would have hoped for. The YouTube for Windows Phone app which has been updated to version 3.2 today forgoes the gorgeous user interface we saw a few months ago for what is basically a wrapper around the web app. This means tapping on YouTube links within Windows Phone will now open them in a web browser as opposed to the app like it did before. Any advance functionality that came with a dedicated app is gone.

We’re not sure if Microsoft is working on a new app or have simply given up. Google had asked Microsoft to develop the app in HTML5, which was deemed impossible by Microsoft due to the platform’s technical limitations. Perhaps the GDR3 update will eliminate this limitation? Only time will tell.

Source: WPCentral | Image Source: WinSuperSite


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