Nokia announces October 22 event; Lumia 1520 likely incoming

The Nokia-Microsoft acquisition isn’t yet completed so Nokia can continue on making smartphones in the meantime. On their Twitter account Nokia has posted a picture for an event scheduled to take place on October 22. Hashtagged on the picture are the words ‘blazing’, ‘stories’ and ‘innovationreinvented’.

nokia event

It’s hard to decipher what Nokia will be announcing during this event but there is one phone we can certainly lean on. The Lumia 1520. Initially the phone was expected to be unveiled by the end of this month but the date was pushed back. We’re pretty excited to see what Nokia has in store since they’ve been releasing great phones through out this year. If it’s anything that will somehow top the Lumia 1020 then we will certainly have a great device on our hands.

Nokia is also making big claims about being ‘innovative’ both for this event and otherwise. If the Lumia 1520 is indeed the device we will be seeing then it will be interesting to see how the company ‘innovates’ a phone with a 6-inch screen. The rumoured specs of the device include a full HD display, Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2GB RAM and a 20MP camera.

Source: Twitter (@Nokia)


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