Nokia ‘Moneypenny’ is a dual SIM Windows Phone

Nokia may be about to go into the sunset for good, but it has a few devices it will unveil before it goes. One of them is codenamed Nokia Moneypenny. We first heard about this phone over a month ago, along with many other codenames from unreleased devices. All we knew back then was that this is a Windows Phone device. Now some more information about this Nokia Moneypenny has cropped up courtesy of evleaks on Twitter.

nokia moneypenny

According to the leaked screenshot above, Nokia Moneypenny will be a dual SIM phone. This will be the first dual SIM phone running Windows Phone. We can clearly see the two signal bars on top and the two separate Live Tiles for messaging and calls.

Another interesting aspect about this particular phone is the on screen navigation keys. It was rumoured that Microsoft may allow OEMs to have onscreen keys instead of capacitive buttons, and we may be looking at the first device that incorporates this. The idea is to save costs more than anything else, which leads us to believe this will be a low to mid ranged phone.

The release date of this phone is uncertain at this point. It will be targeted at developing markets like India and Pakistan.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)


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