Nokia Normandy is a low end device running AOSP Android

A few weeks ago some code names of unreleased Nokia phones were leaked. Some of these will go on and become Windows Phone handsets as you’d expect. One of them as it turns out is an Android device. With Nokia’s commitment towards Windows Phone, this has certainly come as a bit of a surprise. The phone in question is called Nokia Normandy and it has been under development for several months.

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According to The Verge, Nokia Normandy is an Android phone that Nokia will use to push its low end lineup. The Asha phones have been struggling to keep up with similarly priced Android phones in developing markets. In countries like India and Pakistan, several local manufacturers have been able to swoop in and take this market away from Asha phones.

Nokia Normandy won’t be your usual Android device. According to the source, it will be based on AOSP Android. This is the same version of Android that Amazon uses on its Kindle tablets. This means there won’t be any Google services available on the device, and that includes the Play Store and all of its million apps. Nokia will have to come up with an alternate solution. However top apps like Skype will be available on the phone.

The release of the phone currently lies in limbo. Development on the phone started before Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division. Nokia will have to release this phone before the deal with Microsoft is complete, because if there is one thing that Microsoft will never do is release an Android phone.

Source: TheVerge


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