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Nokia X

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Despite its very low end hardware, there is no denying that the Nokia X is a very interesting device. Rarely will you ever see an AOSP based phone receive so much media attention. Such is the fascination with an Android device made by Nokia. We have all been waiting for this marriage for so long. But is this a collaboration that was worth the wait?

Not quite. Nokia X finds itself between a rock and a hard place. At its launch event, Nokia positioned the X as a stepping stone for those who will purchase a Lumia phone in the future. That explains its tile like interface. But how does Nokia expect people to move from a phone that has all the most popular apps, to a one that will probably never get them. Where is BBM or Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone?

Nokia X

Then comes the predicament of it being based on AOSP. With no Google Play Store access, the Nokia X finds itself in the same position as other Windows Phones. It just does not have access to the same number of apps as competing devices. And speaking of competing devices, the market is choke full of them. From local manufacturers to OEMs like Samsung, you will find lots of phones running Google Android within the same price range. They all perform a heck of a lot better as well.

The only redeeming quality of the Nokia X is it’s built and design. What it lacks in apps and performance, it more than makes up for it in these departments. This is where Nokia will find most of its buyers. People who do not care much for a million apps, people who do not have the wallet for more expensive phones, and people who want something a little higher end than an Asha.

This is not to say that the phone does not have potential. I wish for Nokia to not abandon this phone. I also wish for them to update it to a newer version of Android and to make the store more robust. Until Nokia gets around doing this, I will find the appeal of Nokia X quite limiting.

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