Nokia X series is now official; powered by Android

The moment the smartphone world has been waiting for for nearly 4 years now. Is Nokia ever going to make an Android phone? Are they going to persist with the glacially moving Windows Phone platform? Needless to say, Nokia making an Android device has been some what of  a wet dream for many of us. Today that dream takes concrete shape in the form of the Nokia X series of smartphones. These are three different phones: Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.


The Nokia X phones run a ‘forked’ version of Android, similar to what Amazon does with the Kindle series of devices. This means it wont run any of Google’ services out of the box, which includes the Google Play Store. Nokia is going to offer its own app store with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of apps. You can also sideload apps. Apps which rely on Google services APIs however will need to be a modified a little bit before they can run. Nokia X phones run a custom UI from Nokia on top of Android. It looks very similar to the tile based UI of Windows Phone with a mix from the Asha series.


None of these phones will be using Google cloud services. Instead Nokia will rely on Microsoft cloud services. Furthermore the phones will come most of Microsoft’s apps such as Bing, Outlook and Skype. Nokia wants to be clear: Nokia X is an Android phone, but it has no Google presence.


Nokia X is the lowest end phone in the series. It looks identical to the Lumia 520. It comes with 512MB RAM, dual-core Snapdragon CPU and a 4-inch WVGA screen. There is a 3MP camera on the back with 4GB internal storage. There is also support for a microSD card. This is a dual SIM phone. The Nokia X+ will come with additional internal storage, we’re not really sure how much more. Nokia XL will have a 5-inch WVGA screen and a 5MP camera with flash. Internal specs for all of these phones are identical.

The Nokia X will cost 89 Euros, X+ will cost 99 Euros and XL will cost 109 Euros. They will be released in Europe, Asia and South America. No North America release date at this point and we’re not holding our breath either.



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