Unboxing: Nokia X

Nokia X

Nokia X for many has been a dream in the making for over two years. An Android phone made by Nokia. Ever since the Finnish giant decided to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon almost exclusively, they have produced some of the best looking phones. The problem for many was the OS it ran. So when Nokia announced that they’re making a phone running Android, naturally everyone was ecstatic. But Nokia X is a low end device. It runs AOSP Android, and it cannot run any app developed by Google. But it is real, and for all intents and purposes, it is here to stay.

Nokia X

Even though the hardware inside the Nokia X is decidedly low end, we cannot help but gush over its beautiful looks and the nice, bright looking colours. Nokia definitely knows its hardware, be it high or low end. For some though, at this price point, a good looking phone is enough.

(For places where YouTube is blocked, here is a link to the same video on Vimeo)

We are still working on a detailed review of Nokia X. It is coming real soon!


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