Nokia XL Review

Nokia XL

Earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, Nokia announced its first Android powered smartphones. It was the introduction of the new X Platform which sat on top of AOSP Android. Needless to say, it did catch everyone by surprise. The Finnish giant had always been a strong advocate of Windows Phone, and their close relations with Microsoft eradicated any hopes for an Android phone by them. No one really knows what prompted Nokia to make such a daring move. Perhaps the fear of backlash from Redmond was diminished after the acquisition was confirmed? Who knows?

Nokia X however is not your regular Android smartphone. We have already reviewed the low-end of the three phones which were announced, the Nokia X. As mentioned before, these phones run the X Platform on top of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which means you do not get any Google services (more on that later). Nokia X failed to impress us. With its low end hardware coupled with subpar performance, the phone was a tough sell in a market that contains phones like the Moto G and now the Moto E.

Nokia XL

Today we will be looking at the highest end of the three X phones. It is the Nokia XL, and as the name suggests, it is quite a bit larger than the Nokia X. However size is not the only aspect that differentiates this phone from its smaller sibling. There are some important under the hood changes made as well. But are these changes enough to recommend the Nokia XL? Or more importantly, does the Nokia XL improve upon the Nokia X in any meaningful way? Let us find out in the following review.

Note that because of the similarities between the previously reviewed Nokia X and the currently reviewed Nokia XL, our review will focus on the differences between the two phones.

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