Nokia XL Review

Nokia XL

Hardware Design:

The most obvious and immediately noticeable change on the Nokia XL from the X is the size of the phone. Because Nokia XL comes with quite a large display at 5-inch, the dimensions of the phone have naturally increased. Nokia has always been quite generous with the size of its smartphones, but the Nokia XL is a whole other beast.

The phone measures 141.4 x 77.7 x 10.9mm, which is quite large for a phone with a 5-inch screen. The Galaxy S5 for example comes with a 5.1-inch screen and it measures 142 x 72.5 x 8.1mm. If you think it’s looking bad for the Nokia XL right now, wait till you hear how much it weighs. 190g. Yes that is not a typo. The 5-inch Nokia XL tips the scales at 190g, which makes it one of the, if not the heaviest smartphone in the market. The only phones that are a tad heavier than the XL are those with 6-inch or larger screens.

Nokia XL

If you can get past the meaty dimensions, you will appreciate the looks and built of the phone. We praised the Nokia X a lot for its design and it has not changed with the XL. The matte polycarbonate feels great in the hands. It’s grippy and it feels solid. Nokia has a reputation for making large, but tank-like strong phones. We can confidently claim that the reputation remains safe with the Nokia XL.

As mentioned above, the Nokia XL comes with a rather large 5-inch LCD screen. Unfortunately it’s hard to justify the use of WVGA resolution on a screen this big. A pixel density of 187 is abysmal in current day and age. You will see pixels no matter how hard you try, which will make reading small text difficult. There is no ClearBlack technology here or Gorilla Glass protection. With phones like the Moto G incorporating 720p panels, it’s perplexing to see Nokia using such a third rate panel on the XL.

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