Nokia XL Unboxing

Nokia XL

Nokia recently jumped to the Android bandwagon with the launch of new Nokia X series. However, their approach towards Android is very different as compared to some other major manufacturers like Samsung and HTC. Nokia is solely focusing on budget and low-end market. The cheapest Nokia X phone, which we reviewed a while ago, costs around $100. The slightly bigger and better Nokia XL costs around $140. It comes with 5.0-inch display with 480×800 resolution along with Snapdragon S4 Play SoC under the hood. It has a 5.0-megapixel camera on back and a 2.0 megapixel one on front for video calling.

Let’s do a quick unboxing of the Nokia XL and save rest of the talk for a full review which will follow soon.

Nokia XL

Nokia XL comes in a box similar to the other Nokia X and Lumia phones.

Nokia XL

The internal box slides out of the shell revealing the phone tightly sitting on top.

Nokia XL

Being a budget phone, the Nokia XL does not come with many accessories.

Nokia XL

On the first glance, the phone simply looks like a blown up version of the Nokia X.

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