Nokia sends out ‘Zoom Reinvented’ NYC event invites

Nokia has just sent out invites for an upcoming event scheduled to take place in New York City on July 11th. The tagline for the event is ‘Zoom Reinvented’. Though Nokia is being coy about what they will unveil, it’s almost certainly the next chapter in the PureView Windows Phone story, also known as EOS.


We’ve seen Nokia incorporate the PureView imaging technology in their top end Lumia phones such as the 920, 925 and 928. What the world really yearns for however is a PureView camera inside a Windows Phone of the same calibre as the 808 PureView. It was nearly two years ago when Nokia unleashed the 41MP monster upon the world. To this date no phone camera has even come remotely close to offering the same level of image quality as the 808 PureView.

EOS is the code name given to the device that will aim to achieve this feat. A true PureView camera inside a Lumia phone, no strings attached. The term ‘Zoom Reinvented’ hints heavily towards this possibility. The magic of the 41MP camera unit inside the 808 PureView, apart from its stunning picture quality, was its ability to zoom into pictures with no loss in quality. Will Nokia be able to repeat this performance? We’ll find on on the 11th of July.

Source: The Verge


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