Nokia’s EOS to be officially called Nokia Lumia 1020

A few weeks ago Nokia posted an invite for an event scheduled for July. It is widely reported that this is the event where we will get to see the EOS phone officially unveiled. The EOS phone has been rumoured for quite a while now and we’ve seen numerous leaked pictures as well. The information coming in today is from evleaks and it’s regarding the official name of the EOS phone.


According to the evleaks Twitter account the phone will be called Nokia Lumia 1020. This is the first time a Lumia phone has crossed the thousand mark. The big increase in the jump from Lumia 920 suggests that the phone will be a sizeable upgrade. What we are almost certain of is the presence of the highly regarded 41MP PureView sensor. The same sensor we’ve seen in the 808 PureView. The same sensor, that despite being two years old, wipes the floor with any other camera phone out there.


If Nokia manages to recreate the same image quality in its Lumia 1020 as they did in the 808, it will be a huge boost for the Windows Phone platform. Lumia phone sales have struggled compared to competition from Samsung and Apple and this might just be what puts Nokia back into the spot light.

Source: Twitter (eveaks)


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