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This little app notifies you about Pokemon GO server status

Pokemon GO Server Status

Pokemon GO servers have been down pretty much all weekend and the players are frustrated. Some are attributing the downtime to some DDOS attacks others are saying its because of huge traffic due to the wider roll out of the game before weekend.

Either way, you have to be the first one to know as soon as the servers come up so a computer engineering student, Waseem Hassan, from FAST University, Islamabad has come up with a small Windows application which notifies you about the status of the Pokemon GO servers as soon as they change.

The developer has uploaded the app to both GitHub and Dropbox. Developers who might want to fork the code and add more features can check it out on GitHub. Others can download the zip file from Dropbox, extract it and run the “PokemonServerNotifier.exe” file to launch the application. It’s a small app which will appear in the taskbar and as soon as the status of the servers change, it will show a small notification on the corner of the screen.

It displays three modes – ‘Offline’ for when the servers are not reachable, ‘Unstable’ for when there might be some issues with the servers and game might get stuck and lastly, the ‘Online’ for when the servers are up and running without any issue. The app pings the server every 5 seconds but only notifies you when there is a change in the status. Furthermore, you can also check the status manually by right clicking on the app icon and pressing the ‘Check Server Status’ menu. The app can be exited from the same menu.

We have installed the app ourselves and checked the code on GitHub as well and there is nothing suspicious like malware or payload going on so you can download the app without any hesitation.


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