NVIDIA Announces ‘Denver’ Tegra K1 SoC with 192 CUDA Cores

The first big announcement of CES 2014 is here and no wonder its the graphics giant NVIDIA who took the stage. NVIDIA has announced a new Tegra K1 SoC for mobile computing with 192 CUDA Cores and ‘Denver’ ARM 64-bit CPU. The new Tegra K1 SoC is based on the next-gen Kepler architecture capable of laptop-class computing. It will be featured in Android based smartphones, tablets along with car systems, consoles (Shield) and even 4K televisions.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 _1

NVIDIA Kegra K1 SoC Architecture

NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 SoC had some serious GPU power but at the same time lacked quite a bit of CPU power. Tegra K1 is here to change all that, it features with 192 Kepler CUDA Cores more than double compared to Tegra 4’s 72 cores. Apart from that, Tegra K1 will come in two models, one of them will be a 32-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A15 while the other one will be a custom 64-bit dual-core ‘Denver’ ARM CPU. Denver was first revealed at CES 2011 and it was not expected to go into production before 2015 but NVIDIA took everyone by surprise this year.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 _2

The mobile industry is becoming a tough place to compete in and every company is bringing out their best. Tegra K1’s computing ability puts it in a strong position against Intel along with far superior GPU power on hand. “Over the past two decades, NVIDIA invented the GPU and has developed more graphics technologies than any other company,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “With Tegra K1, we’re bringing that heritage to mobile. It bridges the gap for developers, who can now build next-gen games and apps that will run on any device.”

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Tegra K1 provides full support for the PC-class technologies which include – DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.4 and tessellation. It enables developers to bring out popular PC and Consoles titles on mobile. NVIDIA’s CEO Huang also demonstrated a Tegra K1 powered tablet on stage which was running an Unreal 4 engine demo. He also stated that Tegra K1 features the same graphics power as the next-gen gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Tegra K1 has more GPU power than the last gen gaming consoles.

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NVIDIA Tegra K1 ARM Cortex A15 based variant will have a maximum CPU frequency of 2.3 GHz while the ‘Denver’ powered variant will max out at 2.5 GHz. Tegra K1 based devices are expected to launch in the first half of this year. TheVerge took the opportunity of trying the demo tablet at CES 2014 and made a hands-on video:

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Hands-on

For more information, please visit Tegra K1’s official page.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Gallery

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