NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 released; the new budget choice

NVIDIA has just released the GeForce GTX 760; their third addition to the GeForce 700 series and probably the last one for the year 2013. With this new GPU, the green team aims to provide improved performance at a digestible price. The GTX 760 is designed for more casual gamers with not-so-deep pockets.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 specifications:

The GeForce GTX 760 is powered by the GK104-225-A2 which seems to be a cut down version of the GK104-325-A2 from last year’s GTX 670. It rocks 1152 CUDA cores, 96 TMUs and 32 ROPs. It uses the 28nm manufacturing process with 3.5 billion transistors on the die. In terms of clocks, the GTX 760’s cores run at 980 MHz with 1033 MHz boost clock. On the memory front, it’ll be available in two flavors of 2GB and 4GB GDDR5 memory. In both cases, the memory bus width is 256-bit and clock is 6 GHz (effective). The PCB design and size of GTX 760 is similar to what we’ve seen in GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti.

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The GTX 760 has a TDP of 170W which is fulfilled by two 6-pin PCIe connectors. In terms of display connectivity options, it has two dual link DVI ports, HDMI port and a DisplayPort. It also supports up to 3-way SLI.

GeForce GTX 770 GeForce GTX 760 GeForce GTX 670 GeForce GTX 660 Ti
GPU GK104-425 GK104-225 GK104-325 GK104
CUDA Cores 1536 1152 1344 1344
TMUs 128 96 112 112
ROPs 32 28 32 24
Memory Interface 265-bit 256-bit 256-bit 192-bit
Base Clock 1046 MHz 980 MHz 915 MHz 915 MHz
Boost Clock 1085 MHz 1033 MHz 980 MHz 980 MHz
Memory Clock 1753 MHz 1502 MHz 1502 MHz 1502 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 7012 MHz 6008 MHz 6008 MHz 6008 MHz
TDP 230W 170W 170W 150W
MSRP (at launch) $400 $249 $399 $299

For cooling, NVIDIA has opted to use the same blower type cooler with plastic shroud that we’ve seen in GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti. This decision probably related to the price segment this card is targeting. Putting up the shiny metallic cooler from GTX 770/780 would have bumped up the overall cost of the card.

NVIDIA has priced the 2GB version of the GTX 760 at $249. The 4GB version will cost a little bit extra. Most of the manufacturers are launching their custom cards from day one.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 benchmarks:

According to NVIDIA, their GTX 760 is around 10-20% faster than the last generation GeForce GTX 660.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 _6

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 reviews:

Here is a list of few GeForce GTX 760 reviews from around the web:


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