NVIDIA GTX 680 Beats Radeon HD 7970, Full Review is Out

That’s what we all have been waiting for, a complete review of NVIDIA’s Kepler based GTX 680 graphics card. HKEPC has took the liberty to post a detailed review of yet-to-be-released GTX 680 and showed its performance against GeForce GTX 580 and AMD’s newly released Radeon HD 7970. All the benchmarks clearly shows the GTX 680 beating the HD 7970 except COD Modern Warfare 3 (where both are equal).

The reviewer used Intel Core i7-3960X along with an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme and GEIL EVO 2 2200 MHz 8 GB memory kit. He benched a good number of programs and games like 3DMark 11 (Extreme, Performance), Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, COD Modern Warfare 3, Heaven Benchmark and Lost Planet 2 (We have shown a few here). He also tested the power consumption and temperatures of the graphics cards; GTX 680 out paces both HD 7970 and GTX 580.

Source: HKEPC


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