NVIDIA to launch two new GPUs, price cuts on others


Last few days have been only about AMD and their new GPUs and obviously NVIDIA isn’t liking that. To reduce all the buzz created by AMD, the green team is also planning something. According to a report by DigiTimes, NVIDIA has prepared two sub-$250 graphics cards for launch later this month. These cards will probably be going against the R9 270X and R7 260X. However, we wouldn’t be seeing any new silicons, GK106 and GK104 will be used for these new cards.


Apart from that, to tackle the R9 280X, prices cuts will be made to the GTX 760 and GTX 770 cards. Furthermore, to go against the R9 290X which will also be launched in this month, NVIDIA is also expected to cut down the prices of their GTX 780 and GTX Titan cards.


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