NVIDIA Shield tablet picture leaked

NVIDIA Shield was a portable device from the popular PC graphic card manufacturer that was intended at gaming lovers. It ran Android OS, was powered by the Tegra 4 chipset and had a few cool tricks up its sleeves. A portable gaming device, as great as it may be, has limited appeal. NVIDIA wants to target a broad range of customers in a hope to create its own gaming ecosystem within Android. That can only be achieved by either creating a smartphone, or a tablet. Today we get a sneak peak at the later; the NVIDIA Shield tablet.

nvidia shield tablet

Evleaks posted the picture above. It shows the NVIDIA Shield tablet, or at least the alleged picture of the tablet. There isn’t really much we can deduce from just one picture, though we can’t help but notice the similarity between this and the HTC One from last year. This is because the NVIDIA Shield tablet will have front facing stereo speakers, something we would expect from a device aimed squarely at entertainment needs.

There is no information available about the hardware aspects of this tablet. However for all intents and purposes it will run the recently announced NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset. NVIDIA has had a hard time getting smartphone OEMs to use its chipsets. Not too long ago it was NVIDIA themselves that announced that new chipsets from them will be aimed at gaming devices. This could be the first such device.

NVIDIA was able to sell the Shield gaming device by virtue of its physical hardware. How they plan to differentiate the tablet from the plethora of other Android tablets remains to be seen.

Source: Evleaks


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