NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series shows up on shipping consignments

Its time to pay a farewell tribute to Kepler and GCN 2.0 graphics by NVIDIA and AMD. Next generation graphics cards are in the making and yet again a winner will be crowned. Who will win the war? NVIDIA with its over priced and power efficient GPUs or AMD with power hungry and heat magnets yet cheaper graphics cards? The first leak is here and it comes from the green team as NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series GPUs’ circuit boards are spotted in shipping consignments during a transit in India.

NVIDIA's GTX 800 series spotted _1

NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series; GM200 & GM204 Spotted

The small list of consignment reveals next generation Maxwell chips being shipped off God knows where through India. The good news is that ExPreview was able to get images of the information. First up is the GM 204 GPU which will serve its purpose on GeForce GTX 870 and GeForce GTX 860. Although this just a rumour at the moment but a very interesting one. The shipping information shows that GM 204 will have a 256-bit memory interface, identical to what we have seen in Kepler. This is a downside since memory plays a very important in gaming especially when 4K displays are getting cheaper and more popular. NVIDIA previously compensated this issue by increasing the memory clock from standard 5000 MHz to 7000 MHz but 4/6 GB GDDR5 memory with at least 384-bit memory interface has become a necessity now.

NVIDIA's GTX 800 series spotted _2

NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series has chosen its leader and it will be GM 200 GPU. One might wonder that it should have been GK 210 since GTX 780 Ti and GTX TITAN both were flagship GPUs equipped with GK 110 chip. It might be possible that this time the company will keep a significant gap between GTX 880 and GTX TITAN 2 or whatever the name will be. The latter might feature GM 210 and GTX 880 will be equipped with GM 200. It is also rumoured that NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series will feature ARM cores but its just speculation.

The use of GM 200 in GTX 880 results in a cheaper flagship GPU to give a tough competition to AMD in terms of pricing and increase the price:performance ratio with Maxwell. While the GM 210 can be used in flagship computing cards and justify the higher price. At the moment, these are all speculations but at this pace we can expect the next generation GPUs no sooner than Q1 2015.

Source: ExPreivew


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