OCZ Octane 128 GB Indilinx Everest SSD Review

Price Reference:

  • Solid read performance
  • Good real-life performance
  • Low access times
  • Not-so-good write performance
  • Price needs to come down a bit

Finally we get to see the result of Indilinx acquisition in shape of OCZ Octane series. OCZ Octane 128 GB is a solid SSD and hold up pretty well in our tests especially in terms of read speeds but as soon as we look at the write performance; Octane 128 GB is a bit disappointing. Its write performance gets a significant hit when you put some write heavy workload on it. That’s probably because of the less number of available NAND die but it gives some hope that the higher capacity models especially 512 GB and 1 TB ones must be having considerably better write performance; spec sheets also tell the same story.

Access time or latency is one of the major factors behind the blistering performance of solid state drives and OCZ Octane beats every other drive in this section by a good margin.

OCZ Octane has everything you would expect from an SSD but I believe its a little bit late to the market. Currently, market is being ruled by SandForce SF-2281 as they offer amazing performance at pretty nice price point. OCZ Octane 120 GB model currently goes for around US $ 130 and high-end SandForce driven drives like OCZ’s own Vertex 3 120 GB costs exactly the same offering considerably higher performance. The extra RAM chips used in Octane as cache could be the reason behind higher price. Either OCZ will have to cut down their profits or they’ll have to design something totally new which doesn’t need external cache to become competitive.

Reliability is a huge factor when buying an SSD and OCZ Octane does well in this department. SandForce drives are prone to issues (even though most of them are fixed but you never know!) but Indilinx Everest based OCZ Octane is spotless. I’ve used it for around 2 weeks and didn’t face any issue at all.

In my views, OCZ Octane is just a start. OCZ has a long way to go with Indilinx controller.

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