OCZ Stocks Goes 20% Up After Launch of the New Vector SSD

OCZ, a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-performance computer storage components, announced the release of their new SSD lineup yesterday. Vector series SSDs are based on OCZ’s new Barefoot 3 controller developed by their own R&D department. Immediately after the announcement of Vector Series SSD,  company’s stocks jumped up by nearly 20% – currently at 6.76%.

The risk of developing their own controller has paid off very well for OCZ along with various reviews on different websites might have helped this increase in OCZ’s stocks. Vector SSD have showed phenomenal performance in every test conducted by different websites, some have even placed it in the top 3 SSDs they have ever tested till date. It performs on par with Samsung’s 840 Series which is based on Samsung MDX controller.

Source: eTeknix


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