Office for iPad coming this month

When Satya Nedalla took control over Microsoft as the company’s next CEO, he outlined a new strategy. It was called ‘cloud first, mobile first’. The result of this strategy will be seen as early as this month as Office for iPad will make its debut. According to the report, Office for iPad will be unveiled just before the Build conference, which is scheduled at the start of April.


Office for iPad has long been rumoured. Microsoft released an iPhone version of Office a few months back, but left out the iPad. Satya Nadella’s first order of business, from what we can tell, is to ensure that all of Microsoft’s most popular and successful software based services are available on other platforms.

Office for iPad will be functionally similar to its iOS counterpart. This means it will require an Office 365 subscription for editing. Other than that it will support document creation for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is interesting to note that there is no touch based version of Office available for Windows 8 or Windows RT. If Microsoft ends up releasing Office for iPad before it does for its own platform, you can rest assure there will be an uproar from the Microsoft community.

Source: TheVerge


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