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An OLX deal ends up with the death of a 28-year-old

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In a bizarre turn of events, a second hand mobile sale deal initiated on OLX ends up in the murder of a 28-year-old gym instructor in Karachi.

Muhammad Abrar, a young gym instructor who recently restarted his studies, wanted to make some money by flipping second hand smartphones on OLX. He listed his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge on the online portal. Sunday night he got an offer from a person named Dil Nawaz.

He had an offer of Rs27,000 from a neighbour but he received another offer of Rs30,000 Sunday night,” said Abrar’s elderly father Muhammad Azam. “We stopped him from going out so late in the night but he said he could not break his promise made to the customer.

He left with his friends, Sohail and Sheharyar, to a shopping center near Lucky Star in Sadar to complete the deal. The buyer came in a car which Abrar got into to finish the deal while his friends waited outside. But after a while, Abrar came outside to consult with his friends as the buyer had given him two prize bonds of Rs 15,000 each instead of cash. His friends advised him to call off the deal but as soon as Abrar started going back to the car, the buyer’s driver, locked the doors and tried to flee. However, one of the windows were open and Abrar clung to it.

His friends tried to follow the car trying to help Abrar but even after an hour, they couldn’t find the car or their friend. “We asked a police mobile parked outside a hotel on Shahrah-e-Faisal who told us to go to the Preedy police station” recalls Sheharyar.

Sohail and Sheharyar then started looking for their friend in hospital and finally found him lying dead in Jinnah Hospital.

What actually happened, according to Nawaz, is that he was in a hurry as he had purchased the phone as a gift for his sister who was flying abroad early Monday morning that’s why he tried to go away in a hurry which Abrar misunderstood.

On the other hand, a Police petrol vehicle saw a car fleeing away with a person hanging from its windows, thought it to be a kidnapping and opened fire. A total of about 30 rounds were fired which ended up in death of Abrar and injured Nawaz as well. As a result of the firing, the car crashed into a few vehicles before finally stopping.

I thought they (police) were with Abrar and wanted to kill me, so I sped away,” said Nawaz who also has a prior record of giving bogus prize bonds.

The Police were told that the fleeing people were robbers, that’s why they opened the fire. Ferozabad SHO Kanson Dean said the police mobile belonged to the CTD. “It seems the anti-terror police saw the car as suspicious because Abrar was shouting for help while hanging onto the window and they opened fire,” he speculated.

CTD told The Express Tribune that three of the people in the petrol car have surrendered themselves while the prime suspect, the policeman, who actually opened fire has been arrested.

The car was speeding; a man was hanging out while shouting for help; we tried to stop the car but the driver did not stop. He even hit many other vehicles which forced me to open fire,” the prime suspect said.

Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal and IGP Allah Dino Khawaja have also taken notice of the incident and an inquiry team headed by CTD AIG Sanaullah Abbasi will carry out further investigations.


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